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1 Free Sample of Red, Green, or White


1 Free Sample of Red, Green, or White 00048

One-half ounce (15 gms) of your color choice (Red, Green, or White). I choose the Brand based upon availability. You pay only shipping/handling, $5.00 in the USA (as of Oct. 4, 2018).

Every vendor has a story that claims his product is the best. Here is mine:

The pigment I sell comes from an artisanal farmer in Indonesia named "Jes." He nurtures his trees as carefully and lovingly as a Napa Valley vintner, and harvest only leaves that have matured three years or more. (The species is an evergreen so its leaves remain growing more than one season.) As a result, his pigment is far more vibrant than pigment from wild leaves harvested indiscriminately. My customers and I find it possible to use one-third less pigment to achieve a given effect, saving a considerable amount of money.

This free sample is your opportunity to test my story yourself before investing in more of my product. I recommend starting with one-third less pigment than you are accustomed to using, e. g., two teaspoons instead of a full tablespoon.

Only one free sample per customer; not one sample of each color. Select the color you use the most. If you are not sure what color you want, email me for a consultation.

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